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Does IOT, Industrial IOT or M2M solutions play role in your organization’s strategy??

There is lot we here about IOT, IIOT, M2M now a days. These are the current solutions changing the face of manufacturing plants, smart cities, home and businesses. Digging deep inside we find that in all above solutions, Remote device access is a core common deliverable. The difference in how they achieve remote device access and how the acquired data is used for company’s productivity.

Why would a company want to enable these solutions and what should it take care of?


  • Enables Data access from anywhere.
  • System failure alerts notification.
  • Automated data analytics to help take smart decisions.
  • Improve business productivity and efficiency.
  • One shot view and control of whole plant, business or devices.

Choosing a right solution

  • Customized solution with easy integration in existing process
  • A rapid prototyping and deploying capability
  • Use of industry standard protocols
  • Adaptable to varying demand & good data handling capacity
  • Data Security
  • Feedback and support

Strategy and tactics for implementing these solutions must align with a company’s goals and concerns. IoT, IIoT or M2M may just be a step in that evolution but it is a significant one. We can already see glimpses of what tomorrow’s businesses will look like and these solutions will clearly be its eyes and ears.

To bring this and more such technologies and processes which will take your company to the next level we, YUPS, a strong believer in INNOVATION, are here with our Expertise in variety of electronics and Industry Solutions.

Krupa ShuklaDoes IOT, Industrial IOT or M2M solutions play role in your organization’s strategy??
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