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IoT Day 2017 – Mumbai, India


The event began with an expert talk by Aneesha Pillai, co-founder of Future Foundry. She shed light on the complete value chain of IoT and IIoT. This was followed by a panel discussion to know the ground reality of IoT trends, markets, business opportunities and innovative future jobs. Our esteemed panelists were:

  • Sachin Pukale, Founder – IoTMUM
  • Deepak Gupta, Co-founder – Future Foundry
  • Hariharan Sthanunath, Technology Consultant – Operational Excellence

Industry Readiness for IoT

Discussing the readiness of the industry to adopt IoT solutions, Sachin says, “We need to look at return on investment during the implementation of IoT. And consider all stakeholders involved”. Hariharan extends the view saying, “One of the major challenges is to convince the workforce on the ground level. Hence it is imperative to work on their mindset first as they have a fear of losing jobs to IoT and Automation.” Speaking on the most discussed topic of people losing jobs, Deepak says, “IoT, Automation and Robots would redistribute jobs across segments. The same topic had been a point of discussion earlier when machines and computers emerged.”

IoT – Hardware vs Software

The discussion then gradually moved to a point where participants were interested to know, What is promising to venture in IoT – Hardware or Software? “Hardware is actually hard to venture into. You need innovative models like TaaS – Thing as a Service. And these have been used in other segments of industries for years now.” Anita Diwakar, an IIT research fellow, who was one the participants says, “My dream is to have an open lab 24×7 for hardware to be used by everyone in need”.



Post Event Interviews

YUPS TechIoT Day 2017 – Mumbai, India
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