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Are we Proactive & Prepared? – National Safety Week

National Safety day is celebrated in India to create awareness and enhance safety measures among people. National Safety Council, a non-profit organization was established on March 4, 1996. A movement on national scale carried out to make people aware of general safety measure both in the personal lives as well as the workplace. Many of which don’t even fall under safety legislation. The campaigns continue over the period of whole week i.e. from March 4 to March 10, 2018.

The primary goals of celebrating National Safety Day/Week are:

  • Safety in health and environmental movements
  • Increase public (management as well as staff) participation in different industrial sectors
  • Create awareness among society for preventive culture for safety approach

Recently, speaking on ‘Mann ki baat’, our Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also emphasized on being proactive and prepared for safety. Mentioning about safety he says, “There are two types of safety – Safety during disaster and safety in everyday life. If we seldom adopt safety in everyday life, then it becomes even difficult during times of disaster. We often see many safety norms written but ignore them. We see a lot of safety rules in the workplace but there is not compliance. Mock drills should be a regular practice. If we make safety a priority then many lives can be saved.”

At the workplace, there are few industry sectors which are more prone to accidents than other. These are construction, mining, oil & gas and heavy engineering.

Few simple tips can avoid a majority of accidents

  • Use machinery and tools only if you are allowed, trained and alert
  • Always use the appropriate tool for the respective task
  • Organize your tools and don’t be careless or negligent. It can be dangerous for people working around
  • Never leave machinery unattended
  • Also, wear safety gears according to the environment. Safety harness for working on an elevated location. Safety helmet, gloves, and shoes in harsh conditions.

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YUPS TechAre we Proactive & Prepared? – National Safety Week
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