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Engineers at YUPS – Engineers’ Day Tribute

On the occasion of Engineers’ Day, we bring to you stories of YUPSians. They talk their hearts out about the motivation to become an engineer and who do they look up to for inspiration.

Let us celebrate the spirit of dreamers, innovators and makers.

Aashay Nandoskar - YUPS Tech


“Scientists study the world as it is; engineers create the world that has never been.” – Theodore von Karman

While others simply dream of making the world a better place, it is the engineers who truly revolutionize the world by materializing this imagination. And my source of inspiration for pursuing Engineering is also one such revolutionary thinker, one of the most famous artists of the Renaissance period- Leonardo Da Vinci.

A 16th-century polymath, Leonardo is widely known for his paintings and artworks. However, he is also admired for his technological ingenuity where he conceptualized several modern pieces of machinery. He always had a vision ahead of his period; he didn’t limit himself to the drawbacks of his generation; he had a greater vision and he pursued it. As an engineer, who should learn from Leonardo to not put limitations and restrictions to our thoughts and to make big dreams into reality.


From a very young age, I was always told that you need to become either an engineer or a doctor to be successful in life. With due time, I drifted away from the science field, but the curiosity for machines didn’t die. Despite having a degree in Commerce background, my attraction for Engineering led to taking a job in an Engineering related firm. And with it began my official journey of Engineering.

In all this, the one person who inspired me most in Engineering was not any popular scientist or a world-known Engineer, but it was my own brother, Amit Chavan. His passion for engineering, his love for electronics and his hunger for more knowledge made me hooked to this stream. Because of him, I associated Engineering with innovation, creativity, selfless dedication to change the world and make it a better place.

Aditya Chavan - YUPS Tech
Amit Singh - YUPS Tech


In childhood, when my father used to open the appliances at home and make them work, he used to tell me, ‘I can repair the things but you should become an engineer one day and should make your own machines’. This was embedded through childhood in my brain that I have to become an engineer one day. And today I am making machines and devices that not only have a positive impact on society but also save lives. 

I was always inspired by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. When he became President, it further boosted that feeling that an engineer can achieve anything in their life either it’s technical, business or political domain.


As most students are, I too was super confused after finishing my SSC. And as most students do, I too opted for Engineering after considering a few other professions. Despite being my second choice, I always had a strange fascination with programming. The way they created an entire universe by coding used to feel like some magicians making your job efficient. Their work felt like wizards who turned dreams into reality. 

However, as I continued my work in programming, I soon realized that the path to becoming a successful coder was not as smooth as it appeared. You had to keep trying and failed and still trying to succeed once. And my source of inspiration throughout this journey was the very definition of perseverance- Elon Musk. When the whole world thought that SpaceX’s future was doomed in 2008, he kept doing what he does best. And eventually, SpaceX became the first company to create and utilize the first renewable rocket. What inspires me most about Elon Musk is his need for excellence, his hunger for innovation and his desire to keep going against all odds.

Nishant Bhavsar - YUPS Tech
Tushar Borhade - YUPS Tech


What started as mischief to break open and fiddle with toys eventually went on to become a passion worth pursuing academically and now it’s my profession. From blowing up a Tetris in my second standard to helping my father in repairing home electronics, my passion for engineering grew over time. Since my childhood, I was fascinated to tinker, modify and make new things out of the broken toys. So, it wasn’t even a question that will I eventually pursue Engineering as my career.

One person who made me really serious about Engineering and Innovation was the very popular Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist Tony Stark. While he made many unbelievable suits and tech with time, his MARK 1 which was made in a cave with literal scrap will always hold a special place in my heart. It showed his inhuman engineering expertise and yearning to make the best from the worst. His courage, selflessness, hunger to build a better world and perseverance for excellence is what inspired me to be an Engineer.


During school days, I was a cultural kid (into singing, dancing and drama) than a science geek. However, I was always fascinated by Robots and wanted to build one. Fast forward, despite an average score, I made it to engineering. And thus, I started the journey of building robots and participating in competitions. Over time, trained juniors, managed events and even headed the technical consortium. By the final year, my passion for technology was at the peak and hoped to impact lives with things I create. That is the true power we have as engineers creating a massive impact on the environment. The one which can either turn into a nightmare for society or fulfill our dreams for a better world.

Through my journey, I look up to many scientists, engineers and designers. But the most distinctive one being ‘Nature’. Nature has already solved many problems and created complex systems. These have been engineered and rendered over many millennia. I always seek answers in nature – may it be mechanisms, energy or interaction and collaborations. 

“We can use the power of engineering to either create a nightmare for society or fulfill our dreams for a better sustainable world.”

Pratik Jani - YUPS Tech
YUPS TechEngineers at YUPS – Engineers’ Day Tribute
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