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Engineers at YUPS – Engineers’ Day Tribute

On the occasion of Engineers’ Day, we bring to you stories of YUPSians. They talk their hearts out about the motivation to become an engineer and who do they look up to for inspiration. Let us celebrate the spirit of dreamers, innovators and makers. On the occasion of Engineers’ Day, we bring to you stories

Infrastructure Industry – IoT to the rescue

Every profession deserves respect and needs to be treated with dignity. And hence keeping a track of workforce is equally important as with major popular professions. When the unthinkable happens, one key to providing workers with the best chance of survival is knowing where they are.

YUPS selected for CEATEC 2017, Japan

YUPS has been selected as one of the ten technology ventures to represent NASSCOM led Indian delegation at upcoming ‘Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (CEATEC), Tokyo – Japan, the world’s leading edge CPS/IoT Exhibition.

IoT Day 2017 – Mumbai, India

IoT Day is an international community event by IoT Council. YUPS hosted the event in Mumbai in association with NASSCOM 10000 Startup Warehouse. The event saw two generations under one roof discussing challenges and opportunities in IoT and ground reality in execution.

YUPS bags HOT100 Award – Press Release

Amidst a gathering of eminent CIOs, angel investors, industry stalwarts, VCs, and corporate heads, YUPS Tech Solutions has been recognized with HOT 1OO: RACE TO GRACE 2017 Award, which champions innovation and enterprise.

Being Entrepreneur – Degree without a degree

From the gates of campuses to conference rooms of corporate houses: they belongs to some different species… The journey started 6 years back, on the last day of their college exams. All their friends were busy in scheduling the next day party place to celebrate their journey of four years in engineering. But few brains

YUPS 2015 Achievement Calendar

“A victory is not made in a day..it is the efforts of days together!” Yet another feather to cap by winning Best Energy Efficiency Design @Million SoUL by IIT-Bombay. We at YUPS are still as crazy and passionate about technology and innovation as 5 years before…There is lot of technology advancements happening in India. And

UNIDO Conference

Team YUPS is glad to have been invited at the UNIDO forum’s “Thinking Out of the BOX – Innovation for Industry and Industry for Innovation” session at Make in India week on February 14, 2016. What is UNIDO? United Nations Industrial Development organization is the specialized agency of the United Nations that promotes industrial development