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The current methods of feedback from remote assets of the companies and internal processes to decision makers is delayed and sometimes inaccurate, resulting in inefficiencies in operations and hence slowing business growth.

YUPS IoT [Internet of Things] end to end solutions are capable of delivering results. The sensor network of YUPS Gateway captures the appropriate data where edge analytics extracts meaningful data to reduce packet size and cost of transmission to the cloud. Predictive analytics over the cloud converts the data into an easy interface and thus Actionable insights.

What we provide:

  • Flexible Integration
  • Hardware & Data Security
  • On-board Analytics
  • OTA Update
  • Protocol Abstraction
  • Predictive Analytics

Benefits for you:

  • Real Time Analytics
  • Decrease Operations Cost
  • Interactive User Experience
  • Decisive Time Management
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Increased ROI
  • Customer Satisfaction

Our offerings

As a part of IoT end to end solution, we provide the following services which you can opt for.

Smart Telecom

In Telecom industry, a large number of assets are deployed at customer premises or at remote locations. This mandates the necessity for the operator to measure the asset utilization at each of the sites to maximize the revenue and decrease losses. IoT enables not only remote monitoring of these passive assets but can also perform diagnostic operations right from the customer support desk. Resulting in huge savings in operational costs and improving the quality of service by reducing downtime for the customer.

ReTroE CPE– for customer premise equipment

  • ReTroE in real time senses the presence or absence of power in the customer premise.
  • ReTroE can reboot the remote equipment.
  • It can electronically enable the action of manual jack in jack out of cable.
  • Also, diagnose the quality of AC power to the equipment.

ReTroE BTS– for cellular tower monitoring

  • Help monitor and prevent fuel theft from diesel generators.
  • Conditional alerts of failure of battery bank or HVAC.
  • Asset utilization check at each site helps to plan the deployment to sites which fall short of resources.
  • Reduce Service visits and downtime of the site.

Smart Manufacturing

Connecting your manufacturing unit to your enterprise resources can get you a real time operational visibility and open up new service opportunities for your business. Industrial internet of things can help you do this by connecting all your industrial assets with your digital systems. Smart manufacturing, an IIOT driven arrangement, not just utilizes horizontal integration within the company involving a connection between different enterprise systems but also vertical integration allowing a seamless flow of information across supply chain involving suppliers, manufacturers, and customers.

We help you build smart capabilities in your organization. Our smart manufacturing solution would take care of some major areas of IIOT implementation including:

Monitoring:  Your environment, products, and operations get monitored through sensors and other sources of data.

Control: We provide you software solutions that you can embed in your IT infrastructure which would allow you to control your product functions and personalize the experiences for the users.

Optimization: For optimizing the performance of your products, we provide you algorithms that can run diagnostics and repair services enabling smart maintenance for you.

With the combination of monitoring, controlling and optimization capabilities in your systems, you can make your manufacturing and supply chain operations autonomous and self-regulated which is smart!

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