Smart Manufacturing

Industrial IoT solution for manufacturing companies

ProblemThe aforesaid company is a contract manufacturer of Diesel Generators, Metallic furniture for multiple leading brands. They had a very strict timeline for delivery of products to its clients. Having world class machines and a lot of manpower, still, they were finding it difficult to achieve the timeline. The major problem they were facing is of underutilization of machines and manpower.

SolutionWith YUPS Smart manufacturing solution, they are now able to track their individual machines in terms of production, operator efficiency, and energy consumption.

Key Performance Indicators tracked:

  • Real-Time status of machine;
  • Production status benchmarking (planned vs actual) which includes Shift to shift benchmarking, daily reports, operator efficiency, machine to machine benchmarking;
  • Machine work hours (OFF, ON, Idle, operational);
  • Energy Analytics (Weekly and Monthly)

Benefits: They now plan efficiently and able to completely utilize the machines. Gamification of work has now increased the productivity of human resource as well. It also helps them to get more energy to the production. This implementation has reduced 8% in energy costs and increased in operational efficiency by 12%.

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