Smart Telecomm

Asset monitoring and Control of a Cellular Tower Infrastructure company

Clients – Huafeng Power, Tata Communications Ltd, Innovative Environment Technologies

Problem: The major challenge of Cellular tower companies are having the control on Diesel Generator (DG), DG Fuel levels, DG Run hours, availability of Electricity, Power Consumption, Battery health status, Temperature monitoring of the site. Also for small issues, they need to send the field engineer to remote sites.

Solution: YUPS designed a solution to monitor and control all the passive assets as well as the HVAC system. In all 120 parameters were monitored every second. This was achieved using sensors & actuators connected to our robust gateway, secured cloud system, and user interactive dashboard.

BenefitsHelped monitoring and preventing fuel theft. Conditional Alerts from the shelter helped to take prompt action in case of failure of battery bank or HVAC. Also, the asset utilization at each site helped to plan the deployment of sites which fell short of resources. Overall improving the efficiency and downtime of the tower.

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