Smart Telecomm

Remote Asset Monitoring for a World’s leading Telecom and Network Infrastructure Company

Client – Tata Communications Ltd

Problem: Telecom and networking companies install hardware at their enterprise customer facilities. When the internet doesn’t work, the customer calls up the service provider for rectification. A service engineer is assigned who visits the site to find:

  1. There is no Power in the premises and hence the internet is down.
  2. The internet is restored by simply resetting the device (Switching it off and then on)
  3. The internet is restored by pulling the jack out from the router and plugging it back in. (JOJI – Jack out, Jack In)

This happens in 60% of cases.

Solution: In the Phase 1, ReTroE was designed and deployed to over the above problems. So now when the customer calls up for support, the customer care executive does the first level of maintenance while the call is in progress. Features:

  • ReTroE in real time senses the presence or absence of power in the customer premise.
  • ReTroE can reboot the remote equipment and
  • Can electronically enable the action of manual JOJI.

Now in phase 2, the quality of AC power to the equipment is also monitored. Along with an additional provision of communicating over LoRa network.

Benefits: The Company save 40% of their operational expenses with this solution. This also drastically reduces the downtime faced by the end customer.

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